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New York

Newly Built Condominium

  • Bedrooms: 7

  • Area: 1500.00 m²

  • Bathrooms: 4

  • Parking spaces: 3

New York

Renovated Family Home

  • Bedrooms: 2

  • Area: 1600.00 m²

  • Bathrooms: 3

  • Parking spaces: 3


Villa Bastilicata Grande

  • Bedrooms: 5

  • Area: 1500.00 m²

  • Bathrooms: 4

  • Parking spaces: 2

San Diego

Le Marche Etna House

  • Bedrooms: 3

  • Area: 1300.00 m²

  • Bathrooms: 3

  • Parking spaces: 2

San Francisco

A Beach House at California

  • Bedrooms: 6

  • Area: 1500.00 m²

  • Bathrooms: 4

  • Parking spaces: 2


Villa Tuscany Maremma

  • Bedrooms: 4

  • Area: 1700.00 m²

  • Bathrooms: 3

  • Parking spaces: 3

San Diego

Southern Lake Villa

  • Bedrooms: 8

  • Area: 1500.00 m²

  • Bathrooms: 2

  • Parking spaces: 4

New York

Beachfront Villa Casa Aurora

  • Bedrooms: 7

  • Area: 1200.00 m²

  • Bathrooms: 4

  • Parking spaces: 2


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